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Customer-Centric Laundry Software Advance System for Launderers and Dry-Cleaners to manage daily business operations. Track your revenue, Manage inventory, Single & Multi store Management.

A Laundry Management Software that Solves All Your Problems

Codecarrots Laundry Software provides a complete solution to manage single/multi- Laundry stores.

The perfect solution for the Laundry and Dry Cleaners Industry to manage a Single Store or Franchise Model of any size. You can access the complete system in just one click anywhere and anytime. Complete order tracking and connectivity for all Laundry and dry-clean models, including Brand Owner or Admin access, Super Admin, Franchise Billing, Connected Customer’s Mobile App and Web platform, Rider Mobile App to Pickup and Deliver Orders, Factory, Factory/Warehouse management, and more.

Top Features

We Offers 100% Data Security & Privacy

Codecarrots Laundry software offers absolute data protection since it is hosted on a secured cloud server. It ensures that your data is protected from unauthorized access. Only the final consumer has access to the data they own.

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