5 Reasons to Use HTML5 in Your Next Game Development Project

5 Reasons to Use HTML5 in Your Next Game Development Project

Web technologies have come a long way in the past few years, and they’re only continuing to improve. In fact, with HTML5 and WebGL, you can now create stunningly realistic gaming experiences right in your browser — no download necessary! With that in mind, here are five reasons why HTML5 has the power to make game development cheaper, faster and more accessible than ever before. As the top Html5 development company in Kochi, Kerala, we provide the best html5 game development services at the best rate.


As a relatively new language, one of HTML5’s most exciting potential benefits is its ability to create cross-platform games that run on various devices. It might be just what we need to kill off Flash. Theoretically, because HTML5 doesn’t require plugins (like Java or Silverlight), it makes development easier and ensures compatibility with more systems. However, one of HTML5’s biggest hurdles is browser compatibility and functionality across different operating systems.

Easy to Learn

Anyone familiar with modern web development languages like CSS and JavaScript can pick up HTML5 easily. If you’re not a web programmer, no worries—HTML is one of those learn-as-you-go languages that anyone can pick up quickly.

Ease of Access

HTML5 games are playable on almost any device, with or without an Internet connection. A platform based on HTML5 technology is any browser-based game, such as Cityville or Farmville. It allows players to participate at any time and from any location. When developers use Flash and other proprietary technologies, they have less control over how their games appear on different devices.

Control & Security

With HTML5, you don’t need a plugin or extension to access local storage on your machine. Users and applications can access, read, and write files without relying on third-party plugins like Flash or Silverlight. It eliminates security concerns that come along with installing plugins, such as browser redirects or hidden malware files bundled within plugin installation packages.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest reasons game studios are hesitant to develop their titles with HTML5 is that it’s relatively new, and there’s a fear of unknown costs. However, many people do not understand that starting a project with an engine like Phaser lowers development costs significantly due to pre-existing features. While you may not be able to outsource development completely with an engine like Phaser, you can utilize developers more efficiently.

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